• About Swann Freslon

    A good marketing strategy should always start with well defined objectives

  • My name is Swann Freslon and I live in Northern California.

    I'm an experienced Senior Marketer & Digital Strategist, with a proven track record for achieving business objectives through smart, targeted campaigns.

    I'm a leader of effective teams and a creator of positive work environments.


    Too many companies come with a solution before even formulating the problem.


    I specialize in creating digital marketing strategies, relevant, creative, cost effective and, most importantly, consumer and/or business-driven.
    My expertise includes innovative customers acquisition and engagement, SEM, SEO, content and social media strategies, UX, email marketing.

    Throughout my career, I’ve managed direct teams (coordinator, SEO and SEM expert, community manager, UX designer) and worked with cross-functional departments (Sales, IT engineers, PM, Creative). I’ve been accountable for multi-million dollars budgets and I’ve lead successful multi-channel (SEM, SEO, Content, Email, Social, etc.) marketing campaigns.

    As a strong data believer, all the strategies and tactics I deliver are always based on the targets and KPI of my campaigns. And to be sure my conversion and engagement tactics are on track, I use a/b testing, from emails to landing-pages.


    I have worked for top brands, all leaders in their industry, from international company to start-up, from web agency to semi-public organism.


    I’m creative, and success-oriented. I’m an easy-going person who considers her team as her better half.

    I’ve lived and worked in multiple countries. I speak, English, French and my Spanish is not bad.


    On my spare time, I play golf, drink tea, work out Shaun-T style, go to the beach, eat cheesecake and explore the world.


    Want to know more? Contact me!