• About Swann Freslon

    A good marketing strategy should always start with well defined objectives.

  • My name is Swann Freslon and I live in Northern California.

    As a 15 years professional marketer, I specialize in creating demand generation marketing strategies, relevant, creative, cost effective and, most importantly, consumer and/or business-driven.


    I’ve seen too many companies coming with a solution before even formulating the problem.


    On my spare time, I play golf, drink tea, work out Shaun-T style, take care of my family, go to the beach, eat cheesecake and explore the world.

    Raised in Africa until the age of 18, my big life ambition has always been to travel the world and discover new cultures. That’s why, 13 years ago, I decided to move to Montreal, where I had the chance to work with some of the best Canadian companies, including Technicolor, Adviso, Tuango, STM.

    In 2014, I took next step and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area.


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