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Content marketing or not content marketing?

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A long time ago, one of my marketing teacher told me that if you want to create a brand, you have to tell a story. People looooove stories! They like to be part of it. Because ultimately, you want to create a relationship with your customers and what better way to do it than to have them being part of that story. Content marketing is the way you spread that story, the moment where you become a storyteller.

We all look for that link, that attachment, this beautiful theory. But, the reality of content marketing is more murky.

Because, those days, being a storyteller is not as easy as it looks like. It necessarily includes being able to produce and release some content and feed your hungry giants - aka your customers.

But, do you have what it takes to sate their appetite?

Or in other words, is content marketing a good choice for you?

Here are the few things you have to think about before deciding to produce content.

How many times do I have to publish/release content to succeed?

It depends on your area. A couple of years ago, I would have tell you that blogging once a week would be enough. Today, we're far from that. Multiple articles per day could be necessary, few videos a week.

Then, who will produce that content?

You have to find people being able to produce. Journalists? A bunch of journalists?

And so, how much will it cost? Do you have the money to pay them without even being sure that it will bring you back something? In other words, what would be your ROI on that? Because, let's face it, you can add content in your marketing mix, but you won't be sure to have a ROI positive or even being able to totally measure it.

So, if I sum it up, you have to produce a lot of content, pay people- maybe a lot, to do it frequently and without even being sure that you will going to get some revenues in return.


Still reading? Content marketing could still be a good choice for you if you consider those:

  • be sure content is part of a global strategy
  • be sure to spend enough
  • be sure to have the right people to produce your content
  • be sure of the quality of your content
  • be sure to produce enough content
  • be sure to promote your content accordingly
  • be sure to track what you do
  • be sure to have waited enough to see results

And if you realize, you can't, then don't worry, content marketing is not necessarily the answer to your needs. It's not because something is popular that it's necessarily what you need. What about a good guerilla? A big PR campaign with boards all over the city?

You have to find what meet your needs, not the opposite. Formulate your needs and expectations, then the solutions will spring. Maybe it will not be content marketing and you'll be fine with it.

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