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"Grub first, then ethics." That's what Bertolt Brecht said. And that's probably what a lot of people think.

Today, a post a bit out of my usual editorial line. Maybe the coming elections inspired me...

I've always wondered what I would do if I had the opportunity to win a loooooot of money; but for that I would have to leave my ethics behind. Will I do it? I want to think that I would stuck to my moral. Would you?

Fundamentally, no one wishes harm on anyone. But, how do we do business differently when people think that to be first you need to knock your competitors down? When do we forget our values? When does our life philosophy vanished to benefit the business?

Why do we have to chose between being/doing good - or at least no harm- and making money?

On my point of view, we have to stay loyal to our values; honesty, tolerance, truth, respect, listening, collaboration, dignity, fairness, etc. as much in our personal life than in our professional's. But, how do we balance the two of them?

Instilling our values to our business, working in accordance with our principles, not losing them on our way to success. It can be choosing to sell some cruelty free animal products, working only with suppliers who don't exploit children, having a real policy of diversity at work, paying equally women and men, investing locally, giving back to the community, not misrepresenting, etc.

If you follow your core values, I think you will connect with customers who are like you and who share the same. It may take little more time, it may cost little more money, but at the end of the day, it's worth it,  ethics will be your key-point of success.

If the ultimate tech area where every start-up advocates the famous "making the world a better place", can do it, we can all try.

PS: next week, back to digital marketing! :)

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