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How to combine family and work?

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As a freelancer, it's not always easy to combine family and work.

When you are a freelancer, you can bring your kid to the doctor without having to ask to your boss, you can keep your kid at home if he's sick, you can decide to take few days off or even vacations when you need it. Well, you have the freedom to do it without being obliged to justify every one of your move; like you would do it if you were working in a full-time job.

For me, this aspect of the freelancer situation is why I chose to be a freelancer, mainly the freedom that it gives me.

But being a freelancer is not free. This freedom has a cost!

It's not a 9 to 5, you work even when the full-time people have stopped. Because you depend on your clients, it's difficult to say no even if it's 7 pm. You can refuse some contracts if you need more time for your family, but you have to accept to have less money as well. But, even if you don't have new contracts coming, your expenses are still running: phone, rent, car, etc.
Some people want to work from home to see more their kids growing. But, you cannot really work if you have kids running and screaming around your desk.

So finally, how do you combine your time between your work and your family?

My advice is to not forget yourself. To be good at your job, you need to feel good. 

You need a quiet room to work, wait for them to nap, put them at the daycare.

It's not because you're working from home that you have to take care of all the chores of the house. Share them with your partner.

You need to work out or do an extra-activity like painting, then balance your day to have the time for it.

At the end of the day, working as a freelancer from home is quite close to working a full-time position in an office. It's still a question of balance. The only difference - which is a big one - is that you choose to balance the things the way you want it. In our society, I would qualify it as a luxury!

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