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I'm not! Here is why.

Think about it... On your next meeting, will you be on time? Will you come prepared? Will you actively participate?

The honest answer to each of this question is probably: no, no and no.

And unfortunatly, you're not alone! Meetings can be a total waste of time and money! Bain & Company has estimated that a weekly meeting of midlevel managers was costing one organization $15M a year! 

Are you able right now to justify that kind of cost? Probably not.

Most of us are used to the standard type of meeting: big room, big table, few chairs, people. Could be small room, small table, two chairs and 2 people; but basically, it's still the same pattern. One people leads, noone listens, no decisions are taken and everybody loose time and money.

On my point of view, it's probably one of the least effective way to meet and take decisions. Here are two- almost three- other options you should try.

The "stand-up" meeting

One room, few people standing and little time to speak and to take decisions. Some of you will tell me: "hey! I can't take any notes"! First, yes you can if you want. Less easily, but you still can. Second, do you really take some notes or do you doodle? And third, even if you take some notes, do you really use them once the meeting is over?

What I like with that kind of meeting is that no one likes to stand up too long; so you don't lose time to talk and you don't make people loose their time. Straight to the point! Nevertheless, keep in mind that it works if everybody speaks a small amount of time.

The "walking" meeting

That's my favorite!

This one is more appropriate for one-on-one meeting but works for a larger group too. You just need more organization.

A street/park, fresh air, two people, legs. Not the best one if you have tons of notes to take. But you won't have, anyway.

You'll be outside, breathing fresh air instead of recycled office air, oxygenating your brain. You and your participants will be more energized, more ready to listen, participate, exchange with the others and take decisions. And even without paying attention, you exercice, you build your relationships and it's a great way to resolve conflicts!

The "planking" meeting

The talker planks, the other ones can plank or just stay on the floor. The purpose is to make it quick and effective. I promise you one thing with this one, noone will monopolize the floor - literally! ;)

Feeling creative? Why not squatting or pushing up? Can you imagine that? You work on your beach body and you effectively meet! Wow! I love that!

PS: If you do the last one, please, send me some pictures!

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