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Tell me how you hire and I'll tell you who you are!

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Last week, I've seen a post on LinkedIn from a recruiter, complaining about candidates who don't apply to jobs or who don't answer to emails and then complain about the absence of work.

It made me smile. Smile to witness how hiring or being hired finally generate the same kind of frustrations, like two parts of the same solitude.

Every side thinks they do their best to perform. But no one really talks to each other. Communication, or more precisely the absence of , is probably the core of the issue.

As the candidate represents what he is, his values, aspirations, etc. the recruiter represents the company he's working for. Having extensive recruiting process steps, not replying to emails, being pushy, talking a lot - too much - , not following up, being vague about the next steps, not being respectful, etc. are all clues, almost evidences of how your future company will act with you in the future.

So, as a date which goes right or wrong, think about it twice before booking a second date. And as the recruiter has the right to refuse your application for absence of fit, you have the right to refuse the position for exactly the same reasons.

Globally, companies don't realize how much the process of hiring is important. Some tend to consider future employees as meat food for their processing company. And the employees forget to pay attention to the hiring process of the company. As you give your best to be hired, the company should do the same. And if the process is not good, imagine once you're part of the company!

Finally, the way you hire is pretty much who you are, be the best you can be and the person you recruit will want to give the best he can be.

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