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To post or not to post? Think about it!

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Few years back, I was teaching to some employees in a company how to post in accordance to their employer policy, or in other words, how to stay true to ourself on Internet without shooting at our employer. That was a long time ago and we all know how everything has developed since then. People were beginning to be crazy about Twitter, sharing all their thoughts and not being very careful about the NSFW stuff. And employers were beginning to be worried about what their employees would say which could fall on them.

Nobody was worried about their personal brand online.

Well, not nobody, but certainly not as much people as now. And certainly not enough people; even now...

Everytime we post something online, like everytime we open our mouth to talk, we should think about it before doing it. Oh yes, I can hear you: "of course, I'm thinking before talking/posting!".

Mmmh... Sure!...

Today, you're your own brand ambassador, but you're also your company's brand ambassador. It slowly came to one of our responsibility few years ago. Slowly but surely.

So, no, you're not free online to say everything you want, like you're not free in the real life, neither.

Well, you're free (freedom of speech and blabla) but like with every great power comes great responsibility! And, at the end of the day, we are responsible of what we post and say.

So, here are few points to think about before posting:

  • who can see/read this?
  • will this hurt your personal brand?
  • will this hurt your professional/company's brand?
  • will you say it to someone's face?
  • will it embarrass my friend if I post it?
  • will I share this with a complete stranger in real life?
  • and finally, the one question that should oversee all the questions you should wonder:

am I ready to assume the responsibilities of my posting?

On a final note, I couldn't find the original poster of this acronym, but it basically sums up the point, here:


T = Is it TRUE?

H = Is it HELPFUL?



K = Is it KIND?

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