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Hey, what a vast question!

Well, just a few words to tell you more about me...

Until the age of 18 years old, I lived in different countries of Africa, following my parents from a country to another, permeating every sphere of the cultures I was exposed to. This part of my life always gave me my biggest life ambition: travelling around the world and discovering new countries and people.

At the end of school, I went at the university in France and then England. Finally, I arrived in Montreal, Canada to give a real take off to my career.

Overthere, I had the chance to meet some wonderful people and work for amazing companies (Technicolor, Adviso, Tuango, STM), building my knowledge in digital marketing.

Today, I live in North California and I work as a digital marketing consultant. On my spare time, I play golf (way not enough!), drink tea, work out Shaun-T style, take care of my family, go to the beach, eat cheesecake and explore the world.

I specialize in creating digital marketing and user growth strategies that are relevant, creative, cost effective and always consumer and/or business driven.

I’ve seen too many companies coming with a solution before even formulating the problem. I think that in life as in business, when you come with tactics before even being able to know what needs you have, you don't get the results you're hoping, just some bigger problems.

If your ambition, like mine is to solve problem instead of creating new ones, contact me, we'll think big!

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