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Your customer service is not on social media yet?!

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67% of consumers have used social media to access customer service ! And not only that!

Here is why your customer service should absolutely be on social media:

Because your customers are there

That's that simple. You want to be where they are, so be it. You want to be where and when they need you the most, when they complain!

Because your customers want a quick answer

Time and timing are everything. Noone has some time to loose, but when you're not satisfied, you want even more a quick action which shows that someone understood the problem and is trying to solve it. After all, 72% of the consumers expect an answer within 6o minutes.

Because your customers want to interact with a real human

It's personal, it's friendly, it's real. You want to be close to them. It's a good way to humanize your brand.

Because it worth it

If you did good, they will tell everybody. Well, if you don't, they will too... So, do your best, it will pay.

Because their expectations in customer service have rised

So, rise yours! Email or phone are not enough. Today, they are just the basic ideas. You need to do the extra step, and you need to do it with extra care. Doing customer service through email or phone is not easy, but think about those millions of people listening to your conversation. So put your white gloves, you'll need some, and jump- er... I mean answer!

Because your customers are the core of your business

No customers, no business, no success, so pamper them!

Because being on a social media is not enough

Be there or be square but please, don't pretend. It's not enough to open your Twitter account and then not answering the questions, you need to be really present.

Because you want to hear

If you're not there, bad luck for you, because they will. And you want to hear what they have to say about you and answer in the most appropriate way.

Here are few final little things I'd like to share with you:

  • Nowadays, a company has to be on social media; it's crucial.; we've just talked about it. But, keep in mind that if you're here, it's to interact, to help, to solve and to make your customer smile. So, be ready for that. You're a problem solver not a problem builder.
  • Although, very important... don't delete comments! Even if your boss says so. Even if this is the worst comment ever on your company. Even if someone threatens to smash your Ferrari. Even then, don't. It will make the things worse. People will be angry for being ignored.
  • Furthermore, don't be agressive. You're calm, you know your business, you know the answer. Breath in, breath out and answer properly. Once again, this is your job, those people are your business, your wage, treat them well; without them, you're nothing.
  • Finally, cease the opportunity if you see one. A bad comment could turn in a good laugh and a good deed for you! The way the Sainsbury's community manager answered to a complaint three days ago, is a good example. She/he totally nailed it. Results: everybody is talking about Sainsbury's those days, and in good ways.
  • Oh! And, last but not least, be careful of the trolls, they're bigger than you, they have more time, more hate (haters are gonna hate anyway!) and they're just here to complain. Don't pay attention to them. They'll make you lose time and energy. If you've done your job properly, someone will take care of them for you. You'll have your Robin(s) Hood(s).

And that's the beauty - and my conclusion - of why you should be more on the social medias: if you've done your job, your community will easily do yours, answering to the questions and standing up for you against bad publicity and people abusing of the word "misrepresentation". But to reach that level of trust with your audience, you have to be true. True to yourself and true to your customers. Being honest, even when you're not at your best, will pay*. Customers want real people.

After all, you're on the social medias, it's time to be you.

*A study shows that customers who are treated well are 42% more willing to tell their friends about their experience and about you.

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