• Expertise

    What I do

  • B2C/B2B Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Team Management

    Budget Management


    Conversion & Engagement

    Data Analytics

    Content & Social Media Marketing

    Email Marketing


  • Some Results

    +1.3 M

    database members


    Facebook fans in 18 months


    the database members in 8 months


    the unique website visits in 6 months

  • Teams

    Digital Marketing Consultant

    Agency specialized in user growth strategies

    Strategies relevant, creative, cost effective and consumer and/or business-driven: SEO, SEM, UX, Social Media, Email, Influencers, Analytics, A/B testing, etc.

    Marketing - Corporate Advisor

    Transit Company in charge of subways and buses

    Improved the loyalty program by leading a team of marketers to create a multi-channel marketing strategy: email, paid campaigns, advertising, app, social media, bloggers/influencers.

    Director of Marketing

    Top tier startup similar to Groupon

    Boosted the start-up and resulted to # 1 in the market! Oversaw all the marketing strategy (online & offline) and channels (email, paid campaigns, social media, bloggers, TV, radio, billboards, newspapers, etc.), team, multi-million budget, agencies and partners.

    Director of

    Web Accounts

    Web agency specializing in high-level business strategies

    Managed the creation of multiple websites, social media campaigns. metrics implementation, the PM team and some cross-functional teams (SEO, UX SEM, SMO, Analytics, graphists, copy-writers).

    Marketing Manager

    Managed all the marketing activities and suppliers/agencies.

    Head of Communications

    Managed the communications and marketing and led the sponsorship program.