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    Here’s how I can help your B2C/B2B projects succeed

  • Digital Marketing

    Defining your objectives and creating integrated marketing strategies will help you attract, engage and convert your customers online. Social media, content and inbound strategies, SEO, online advertising, influencers, landing page optimization, UX wireframes, are more than just buzzwords. I can help you make sense of the digital landscape and help you create a relevant, targeted marketing plan. Let’s talk!

    Customer and User Acquisition and Growth

    Whether it’s through a blog, ads, influencers or emails, you'll have to respond to your customers’ ever-changing needs in order to attract and secure them. I can help you adjust your strategic plan every step of the way.

    Social Medias

    This is where you gain traffic or attention/visibility on your website. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn and more, you can attract your next customers with shareable, worthwhile content. I can not only advise, but help you create it.

    Content and Inbound Strategies

    Good content is so important. It makes your customers eager to engage with you, visit your website, buy from you and ultimately love you. And it's not just the execution that matters, it's the heart and intention you put behind it. Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about the love you have for your customers.

    Social Media Formation/Teachering

    Facebook is not just baby pictures, LinkedIn is not just for forgotten contacts, Instagram is definitely not just the Kardashians, and SnapChat is not just the hippie filter. They’re way more. Let me show you how you can use all the social media platforms to build a stronger brand and attract customers and partners. You need these channels, so learn how to use them effectively.

    Market Studies

    Maybe creating a spa in the middle of the desert is not the best idea…but maybe it is. Let me help you assess the market and see how you can play out of the sandbox to succeed.

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